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2017-2018 AAPA Board of Directors

Apr. 17, 2017
Meet the AAPA's New Leaders

FPAR Survey

Here are the results from the FPAR survey release in February 2017.

***In your free time be sure to visit the official FPAR website to get more details on the focal points for the Task Force:

"The task force believes that AAPA policy should:

  • Emphasize the PA profession’s continued commitment to team-based practice.
  • Support the elimination of provisions in laws and regulations that require a PA to have and/or report a supervisory, collaborating or other specific relationship with a physician in order to practice.
  • Advocate for the establishment of autonomous state boards, with a voting membership comprised of a majority PAs, to license, regulate, and discipline PAs.
  • Ensure that PAs are eligible to be reimbursed directly by public and private insurance"

2016 AAPA Joint Task Force on the Future of PA Practice Authority

Stay informed by checking the official website:

"In developing its report and recommendations, the Task Force should:

a. Understand and document the current federal, state, and employer context of the practice authority of PAs, APRNs, and other relevant healthcare providers.

b. Obtain input and/or feedback from PA stakeholders.

c. Develop or select appropriate terms and definitions for different types of PA practice authority.

d. Consider and describe what, if any, limitations or requirements should be established for PAs under the Task Force’s recommended PA practice authority (i.e., differences for primary care PAs vs. surgical PAs, contingent upon number of years practicing or number of years practicing in a specialty, etc.).

e. Consider and describe the potential benefits of its recommendations for PAs, patients, PA employers, as well as any potential risks and obstacles that should be taken into account (i.e., malpractice insurance)."

50/50 Campaign by the PA History Society

Please help support the 50/50 Fundraiser underway to upgrade the John McElligott Veterans Memorial Garden at the Eugene A. Stead, Jr. Center for Physician Assistants located in Durham, NC. We should never forget our military roots: Your tax deductible donations of $50, or more, can be made online here:

2016 Re-certification

Please follow along with the AAPA and NCCPA sites to stay informed of this very important topic.