Each One ... Reach One Campaign


As we celebrate 50 years of the PA Profession, the Fundraising Committee of the African Heritage Caucus of AAPA would like to encourage our PA colleagues to contribute at least 100.00 each to the 2017 Campaign.   It is the goal of the committee to use the funds to help support administrative costs of the organization in an effort to grow the organization such that it can be sustained over the next several years.  Please share with your colleagues.  


If each of us are able to obtain additional supporters the Committee will reach its goal of 10,000.00!  Please be advised contributions are not tax deductible at this time.


If you could kindly send any contributions to John Davis, the committee chair it would be greatly appreciated.  Donations can either be through PayPal under the account:  junious51@aol.com or check may be mailed to:

African Heritage Caucus of AAPA

c/o Mr. John Davis

8738 Southwind Drive

Memphis, TN 38125


Should you have any questions/concerns or additional questions please contact John at 901-482-3061.


Thank you in advance for your continued support of our organization.  With your help we can continue to grow.



The Fundraising Committee

John Davis-Chair

Earl Echard

Jessie Jeffries